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Learn the basics of Melina's my tattooing techniques or expand your existing skills in fine line tattooing with her insider tips, which she only has shared with her own apprentices and colleagues until today!

With her ten years experience, she will share with you in her tattoo Masterclass, you will meet all the requirements to take yourself or your studio to the next level. After completing this Masterclass, you will have created the perfect basis to grow. You even get the chance to become part of Melina's VADERS.DYE family in Hamburg or Berlin! 



Tattoo Artist & Entrepreneur 

Hamburg, Berlin, Los Angeles

In the last few years I have tattooed thousands of lovely people, built two national studios in Hamburg and Berlin, an international one in Los Angeles and an amazing team that feels like family. I gathered a lot of experiences that led me to the success that I have today. In contrast to you, when I started tattooing, I did not have the option to simply learn the most important basics in an online tattoo Masterclass like tattooing in general, branding and many other important topics. It was like so hard to get infos from other artists and studios. No one really wanted to share anything. But time has changed. Tattooing becomes art and tattoo artists and people in general should support each other more.

That's why I decided to create this Masterclass. To give YOU the oppurtunity to do something with your creativty, your art. To build a business and to make an earning from it. This is your chance!

This Masterclass is for beginners who would like to learn the basics of tattooing, including hygiene, drawing and design and how to actually start becoming a tattoo artist. But also for experienced artists who would like to learn more about fine line tattooing, especially tattooing with single needle. I taught myself a lot of tips and tricks within the years, which I promise, will help you to tattoo the perfect line and achieve a perfectly healed fine line tattoo. 

I am really happy to finally share everything I know about tattooing with you! And if I find something new and interesting to share with you, I will update it to the Masterclass right away. This is a growing platform and you will get a lifetime access with just one purchase. The Masterclass is in German and has English subtitles.






✓ How it all started for me

✓ How to design a tattoo

✓ What matters when it comes to hygiene

✓ How I attract new customers

✓ Why a booking tool is essential

✓ How I use Instagram

✓ How I motivate myself and my team

✓ Which top decisions have changed my life

✓ How to put together your tattoo equipment

✓ How to set up your station

✓ How I prepare my tattoo stencil

✓ How to assemble your machine

✓ Which needles I personally use

✓ How you tattoo 1 on 1 like me

✓ Language: German and English subtitles

✓ No previous knowledge necessary

✓ Easy to understand

✓ Accessible from all devices (mobile phone, tablet, PC)

✓ Immediate access to the Masterclass after receipt of payment

✓ Lifetime access


32 videos in each language


TATTOO NO. 3 - Single Needle (Mikro Ornament Arm)
And 59 more videos


"When I started tattooing NO ONE wanted to show me anything for a long time, and I had to learn almost everything on my own. So this masterclass is very special. I worked in VADERS.DYE for over a year, learned and have grown beyond my expectations, forever grateful."

„Da ist auf alle Fälle alles drin was du uns damals auch erklärt hast, also alles. Also wirklich, da ist schon sehr, sehr viel drin... Ansonsten, ich hab jetzt schon Dinge gelernt — noch mehr.“

“In any case, there is everything in it that you explained to us back then, so everything. Really, there's a lot in there... Otherwise, I've already learned things - even more."

„Ich find's mega cool. Ich hätte mich damals richtig drüber gefreut hätte ich die Ausbildung nicht bekommen. Mega, mega cool!"

"I think it's mega cool. I would have been really happy about it back then, if I would not have got the apprenticeship. Mega, mega cool!"